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Come dance your Cosmodium off at Bay Area Stage on Saturday, September 30! Tickets are only $10!! Show starts at 8PM and is a concert with an amazing light show to dance by! See you at the theatre! These guys rock! Come on down and get your retro-fun boosters blasted!! Tickets: Space isn't the final frontier! Come explore Bay Area Stage Theatre on Saturday, September 30th - Come by car, spacecraft, chariot or moon-rover! Just come! Tickets:
COMING TO BAS IN 2024 Opening February 23, 2024 A LIFE IN THE THEATRE by David Mamet Opening June 21, 2024 A new musical from the composers of “Spring Awakening!” ALICE BY HEART music by Duncan Sheik, lyrics by Steven Sater, and a book by Sater with Jessie Nelson. The musical is inspired by Lewis Carroll's 1865 novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and was originally presented by London's Royal National Theatre The musical takes place in 1941, in the debris after the London Blitz of World War II. The life of teen Alice Spencer is disrupted, as she and her best friend Alfred are forced to take shelter in a London underground tube station. However, Alfred, suffering from tuberculosis, is quarantined ("West of Words"). Alice urges him to escape with her into their cherished book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and travel down the rabbit hole to Wonderland. Nurse Cross, who is in charge of keeping everyone safe, rips Alice's book as a punishment for visiting Alfred, despite his quarantine. Alice becomes very defiant and declares she knows it "by heart" and will read to him anyway. The people hiding in the shelter slowly change into some of the book's characters, and Alfred himself changes into the White Rabbit ("Down the Hole").